ADCS and Cafcass announce agreement to strengthen care system


The Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ADCS) will form a partnership with the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass), it has been announced.

The collaboration aims to strengthen the ways in which social workers work together for children facing the care system.

At a time when demand levels for care proceedings remain high, a statement on the Cafcass website reads, the organisations have agreed how local authorities and those acting as guardians can better cooperate during care proceedings and pre-proceedings in the family courts.

The agreement was reached on the 10 February 2017.

Anthony Douglas, Cafcass chief executive, said “Over recent years we have built up our resources to help social workers and guardians determine what is best for each child facing care proceedings. This agreement reaffirms the positive working practices already in place across most local authorities and Cafcass.

“Cafcass has also made a commitment to sharing data with local authorities, to help with planning and managing resources.”

Andrew Webb, ADCS lead on family justice, said the partnership comes as the system is facing increasing demand and financial pressure and shows no signs of easing.

He added: “This agreement confirms the expertise of social workers in the courts and the vital role they play in securing swift, safe outcomes for children at risk of harm.”

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