Billionaires battle in what could be biggest divorce settlement in UK history


This week the heiress of F1 Petra Ecclestone and her billionaire husband James Stunt thrashed out divorce proceedings in what could turn out to be the biggest settlement in UK history.

Mr Stunt is accused of being “violent and abusive” in the past and acting “disgracefully” during previous proceedings.

The gold bullion tycoon allegedly made a gun gesture with his hand, slammed the table in frustration and walked out of the courtroom following a disagreement in an earlier session.

The Judge heard how Ms Ecclestone had moved out of the couple’s £100 million West London mansion and moved into rented accommodation. But she’s now asked the Judge to force Mr Stunt out of their Grade II-listed home so she can move back in with their three children.

He said Mr Stunt “admits most of the abusive conduct and says it’s regrettable” and had made admissions about overdoses and violence during the six year-marriage.

But Mr Stunt said he “strongly disputes” his wife’s allegations.

The judge urged both parties to avoid further confrontation before leaving court, after Mr Stunt hurled abuse at the father of F1, Bernie Ecclestone.

The judge pleaded with the Formula 1 boss not to respond to his former son-in-law’s remarks.

The pair will meet again next month in the High Court to battle over assets worth an estimated £5.5 billion. Among them is a £158 million Los Angeles mansion and the 16-bedroom Chelsea home.

Mr Stunt had signed a pre-nuptial agreement worth £16 million before their marriage.

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