Child protection scheme working to improve services


New guidance for joint targeted area inspections (JTAIs) has been published today, in a continued effort to improve child protection services.

The JTAI scheme involves local authorities, police, probation, and health services working together to protect children living with domestic abuse.

The guidance, written in collaboration by Ofsted, the Care Quality Commission, HMI Constabulary, and HMI Probation, will look at how agencies have been working together in local areas.

It will also evaluate the “front door” multi-agency approach, when children at risk of harm first become known to local services, and the “deep dive” approach, the evaluation of the experiences of children and young people at risk of a specific type of harm.

“Inspectors will track and sample the experiences of children and young people. Tracking is an in-depth, end-to-end look at the experiences of between five and seven children and young people who are living with domestic abuse. Sampling is a more targeted look at the experiences of a greater number of children, focusing on particular points in these children’s journeys”, reads the JTAI report.

“Inspectors will evaluate the effectiveness of interventions for victims of domestic abuse and adult perpetrators in relation to the impact this has on the welfare and protection of children.”

They hope that the data gathered will result in improved child protection services, particularly for children at risk of domestic violence.

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