Children placed for adoption after social workers raise concerns over parents’ “open relationship”


Three children have been removed from their parents’ care after a judge ruled that their unusual lifestyle may have contributed to neglect.

The Family Court heard how the mother and father would regularly meet partners on online dating sites in what was described as an “open relationship”.

Social workers raised concerns that the parents’ “dysfunctional relationship” would have a negative effect on the children’s upbringing.

The care order was granted in October, despite both parents denying the allegations.

The children, all under the age of five, will now be placed for adoption.

In her judgment, Judge Elizabeth Williscroft said: “The father had his own lifestyle outside the family home which plainly included going clubbing until the early hours as well as being involved with other people.

“In respect of both parents, the court is not concerned about their private lives and how they will conduct them unless it impacts on the care of the children – which at this time was neglectful.”

Judge williscroft added that the parents’ overt behaviour would have been “confusing” for the children involved.

“It is plain some complete strangers have visited her house while the children were there to have sex with her,” the Judge said of the mother.

“After balancing the possibilities of care for these children, my analysis is there are no realistic alternatives to meet the children’s welfare needs throughout their lives but adoption.

“I bear in mind and balance that each child has a loving relationship and attachment with their parents but has also been harmed by neglect and would be at risk of harm in their care.”

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