Children’s charity ordered to pay £282 million in divorce dispute


A children’s charity run by a hedge fund boss has been ordered to pay £282 million to his ex-wife’s own philanthropic cause, it has been reported.

Sir Chris Hohn separated from his wife Jamie Cooper after an acrimonious divorce battle in 2014.

Ms Cooper was awarded a sum of £337 million – but disputes over charity funds spilled over for several more weeks.

Sir Geoffrey Vos, Chancellor of the High Court, ordered the charity, Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF), to make a payment of £282 million to Ms Cooper’s new charity, Big Win Philanthropy.

Mr Hohn opposed the order, saying charity money should not be involved in a divorce deal.

But Sir Geoffrey said the charitable benefits of making the grant outweigh arguments against, especially after Ms Cooper agreed to donate £32 million of her own money if her former husband goes through with the payment.

“The making of the grant will bring a conclusion to this incredibly hostile dispute,” he said.

Ms Cooper also agreed to step back as a trustee of CIFF.

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