Estranged lovers in legal battle over St Lucia development


A former couple have become embroiled in a row over the luxury home they created together in the Caribbean.

Architect Alfred Munkenbeck and his ex-partner Anastasia Alexander had previously spent a substantial sum developing an idyllic holiday home in St Lucia.

Over the course of five years, Villa Coulibri – originally a relatively modest holiday home, worth in the region of £150,000 – was transformed into an eight-bedroom property, with four swimming pools and a 33ft bridge.

But in 2014, the couple’s relationship broke down and the pair are now locked in a legal battle over the development.

Mr Munkenbeck argues that his estranged partner had ceased to contribute to the project after they parted company and owes him £250,000 racked up in design work and related expenses.  He now wants her to pay half the money which was needed to finish the job.

Ms Alexander has maintained that the architect had got “carried away” and made the property more elaborate than was originally intended. She therefore argues she should not be expected to cover the additional costs which had arisen as a result of decisions he had taken “unilaterally”.

The contents of the writ submitted by Mr Munkenbeck and the defence will be tested in evidence before a Judge.

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