“Facebragging” is a major cause of divorce, experts suggest


The internet phenomenon, known as “Facebragging”, is fuelling divorce petitions, experts say.

New research suggests that the urge to brag on social media platforms about new cars, expensive holidays, and home improvements is likely causing jealously between rival couples, and potentially causing splits.

Previously, it was thought that social media was causing break-ups by exposing bad behaviour online, but experts suggest otherwise.

According to statistics, one in five marital splits involve spouses complaining about their “imperfect” marriages, with social media a major cause for “discontent” and “unrealistic expectations”.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, along with lifestyle and entertainment magazines, are falsely creating the perfect portrayal of a relationship, the report says.

The problem is particularly noticeable with photographs online – often carefully picked by the author to show themselves in the best light.

The report points to marriages which have fallen apart over the fitness and weight of a partner, with some having demanded spouses maintain the toned physiques of peers on social media.

Couples have been warned that “positive imagery” and glamorisation of relationships on social media is far removed from the turbulence of relationships in real life.

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