Family Court bans pets from family home


A Family Court Judge has ordered a family to remove all of their pets from their home after “squalid” conditions were uncovered by a visiting midwife.

The Court heard how at least five dogs and five cats lived among the family’s six children including a new-born baby.

Judge Barbara Cameron said “the conditions were utterly squalid with no hygienic surfaces and shocked all who saw them”.

A midwife discovered the situation whilst making a routine visit to check on the wellbeing of the baby.

The ban will stand until early 2019. The children were also removed from the home and placed into care, with their future in the hands of social workers.

In her ruling, Judge Cameron said: “There were dogs both in the garden and elsewhere – about five in all, I believe – and there were cats and kittens, certainly five or six kittens, looking at the photographs that I have seen, and they again were all over the place.

“One or two – in fact it may be three different dogs, looking at their faces – were photographed at various times in the upstairs bedrooms and dog feeding and water bowls were found in the children’s bedrooms.

“Faeces and urine were all over the place.

“It was plainly a shocking environment for the parents to believe was acceptable for their children of any age, including a new-born.”

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