Family Court to investigate “drug dealing” adoptive family


A High Court judge has ordered an investigation into whether a six-year-old living with a pair of convicted drug dealers should be returned to the birth mother, the BBC has reported.

The child was adopted at birth by relatives of the mother’s ex-boyfriend.

However, the child’s adoptive father was recently placed in jail for drugs trafficking offences, prompting the Court to consider the safety of the child.

The Court also heard how two other members of the adoptive family had been failed for drugs-related offences.

The mother, representing herself in Court, told the Judge that she was worried about the lifestyles of her son’s new family and wanted to have him living back with her.

“He’s living with drug dealers. That just can’t be right,” she said.

“I agreed to him living with this family after he was born. I was 16 when I got pregnant and 17 when I gave birth.

“I’ve grown up since then. I can look after him now and I want him back.”

Mr Justice Jackson ordered a Family Court investigation into the boy’s adoptive family, adding that “hard questions” had to be asked to find out whether the child’s welfare was in question.

The case continues.

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