Former model nets £75 million divorce pay out from Saudi billionaire ex-husband


In what is one of the biggest divorce settlements in British legal history, former Pirelli calendar girl Christina Estrada took home £53 million in cash, a Lamborghini, London and Beverly Hills properties and a unique £2 million blue diamond.

Former husband and international businessman, Sheikh Walid Juffali, had remarried and divorced Estrada without her knowing.

“Walid and I were happily married for 12 years and have a beautiful daughter together. He took a second wife and divorced me without my knowledge,” claimed the 54 year old.

Ms Estrada, who had already turned down a £37 million deal, was given just a third of her original request of £196 million. A lengthy and ‘distressing’ trial had seen Dr. Juffali try and fail to claim diplomatic immunity and have the case dismissed by the Supreme Court.

Estrada also stands to make an additional £2.5 million a year in income to support her luxurious lifestyle.

She added: “Having grown up in a middle-class family and having enjoyed a successful career until my marriage, I am fully aware that the spectacular life Walid and I led was immensely fortunate and rarefied”.

Ranging from a £650,000 two week yacht hire to a £320,000 12 days in the presidential suite at the Paris Ritz, Mr Estrada told the court “This is what I am accustomed to”, and launched her action “to stand up for women”.

Other unusual requests included money for 54 pairs of shoes, three Wimbledon tickets and an annual travel budget of £2.1 million.

In a long line of high value separations, the biggest UK divorce settlement is believed to be the £337 million pay-out Jamie Cooper-Hohn received from her philanthropist husband Sir Chris Hohn in 2014.

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