Judge orders abuse victim to pay former wife from compensation fund


An abuse victim who was given compensation has been ordered to pay his ex-wife a substantial portion of it as part of their divorce settlement, it has been reported.

According to the Mail Online, Andrew Kerslake was given £175,000 compensation after suffering sexual abuse between the ages of five and 10. The money was placed into a trust to be used to help other victims of abuse after he dies.

However, his former wife, Helen Tippett, applied to a family court in Wales to demand a share of the fund, arguing that it was a marital asset. She said she needed the money to buy a property for herself and her two youngest children.

By the time of the hearing, the trust fund had grown to £200,000.

The court ruled in Ms Tippett’s favour, ordering Mr Kerslake to pay a lump sum of £100,000 or risk going to jail for contempt of court.

Mr Kerslake said: “I will fight it all the way and go to jail if necessary. Helen and her new man will spend it how they like. It’s shameful that she has even asked for the money, how can she get pleasure out of my pain and suffering?

“It doesn’t seem right – she wasn’t the one who was abused. I will do everything I can to defend the trust for the future.

“The money was paid to me for what happened long before I met my wife. There is a principle here. I can’t understand how the courts can award my compensation to my ex-wife. It doesn’t make sense.”

The Mail Online noted that the money was paid to Mr Kerslake while he was married to Ms Tippett. The pair have four children between them.

Mr Kerslake will appeal the case later this year.

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