Man in losing bid to decrease maintenance payments


A man has lost a legal battle to decrease the level of spousal maintenance his former wife receives each month, according to a new report.

Judge Mark Everall ordered the man to pay the mother of his three children around half of his £78,000 salary earlier this year.

The man, who is a commercial and real estate lawyer by trade, sought to overturn the ruling.

But Mrs Justice Roberts upheld the original judgment. She said the wife’s position as an employment solicitor was “weaker” than her husband’s, since she had not worked a day since the couple had their first child more than 10 years ago.

The wife still lives in the matrimonial home in Surrey where she looks after the couple’s three children.

Judge Everall said the maintenance order would cover living costs for the family as well as school fees.

An order can be set for a limited period of time, or until one of the couple dies or the beneficiary marries or enters into a new civil partnership. Payments can be reassessed if one of the couple loses a job or gets a better paid job.

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