Manchester United divorcee will argue his “genius” in Family Court


A former Manchester United footballer will attempt to persuade the court that he is a “genius” in an effort to boost his divorce payout.

Ryan Giggs, 43, will argue that he should be awarded more than half of the £40 million estate he shares with his wife because of his “special contribution”, it is reported.

It follows a precedent set by Michael Cowan, the man who first brought black plastic bin liners to the UK. A judge ruled that Mr Cowan should be entitled to 62 per cent of his £12 million fortune because “his contribution, in terms of entrepreneurial flair, inventiveness and hard work, was truly exceptional”.

Likewise, Mr Giggs’ legal team will attempt to persuade the Family Court judge that breadwinning is of more significance than homebuilding and companionship.

Two other millionaire husbands have tried, and failed, to pursue this line of defence in court over the past two weeks.

Sir Martin Sorrell, of advertising firm WPP, argued this defence more successfully in 2005, with the judge awarding him 60 per cent of the couple’s joint £75 million fortune.

At the time, Mr Justice Bennett ruled that Sir Sorrell was “regarded within his field and the wider business community as one of the most exceptional and most talented businessmen”.

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