Monthly “date night” is key to staying together, study reveals


Married couples who dedicate just one night a month to each other are less likely to divorce, a new study reveals.

Made popular by the likes of US President Barack Obama and former Prime Minister David Cameron, one “date night” a month can save a marriage, the study says.

In an analysis of 9,969 couples with nine-month-old children, the study found that those who went on a date once a month (30 per cent), had 14 per cent lower odds of splitting up than couples who rarely or never spent an evening together without their children.

Cohabiting couples with a similar date night arrangement saw no change to their odds of splitting up, the study said.

The research also found that when date nights became a weekly occurrence, it lost its benefit altogether.

The 11 per cent of couples who had one date night or more a week were no more likely to stay together than those who never made time for date nights at all.

As such, the study suggests that a degree of spontaneity is a key ingredient in a successful date night.

However, according to the study, the single most successful way of staying together remains marriage – the odds of married parents splitting up are some 57 per cent lower than for cohabiting couples.

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