New Government adoption strategy will ‘match all children with adoptive parents without delay’


The Government have recently announced an all-new UK adoption strategy. Education Secretary Nicky Morgan unveiled an ambitious four-year plan last week entitled Adoption: a vision for change.

The biggest change put forward was a UK first – an announcement that Britain would deliver a system whereby “all children will be matched with adoptive parents without delay”.

Ms Morgan’s plans, aimed at revolutionising support for vulnerable children, also included a push to increase the educational success of adopted children in British schools.

Another first highlighted in the paper was a bid for all single children adopted from care to be offered a ‘designated teacher’ and ‘virtual school head’ to offer better support to help children to overcome trauma and achieve academic success. According the strategy, these one-to-one teachers will provide tailored services to suit the needs of each individual child.

The Government also announced the appointment of a new Chair of the Adoption Leadership Board, along with plans to invest approximately £14 million in innovative local schemes.

Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, said: “Today’s strategy is a watershed moment – a new line in the sand. For the first time ever, we are explicitly setting out how we will transform the lives of our most vulnerable children by making sure they get the opportunities they deserve.

“We cannot stand by while children spend months in care waiting for their new family, when loving parents are available.

“We cannot preside over a situation where adopted children are less likely to do well at school than their classmates. And we mustn’t fail to take action against stifling red tape that stops councils from matching children with the families that are right for them”.

The full document and its proposals can be accessed here:

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