New study suggests link between ‘age gap’ and chances of divorce

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A new study has suggested a trend between large age gaps in relationships and chances of divorce – after one in five divorced or divorcing couples claimed their failed relationship had an age gap of seven years or more.

The study said that 20 per cent of divorces involved a large age gap between partners, whilst one in 20 cases involved a wife who was several years older than her husband – the latter a surprising change in statistics over previous reports.

The analysis also claimed that the majority of ‘age gap’ couples filing for divorce often did so within less than 12 months of marrying their partner.

The results highlighted a so-called ‘silver splitter’ trend, which has seen large numbers of longstanding couples file divorce proceedings against their partners before rapidly remarrying younger loves – who often prove to be unsuitable spouses in the long term.

Experts have argued that increased issues are likely to develop between partners with a large age gap – usually involving disagreements and conflicts of interests regarding lifestyles, work commitments and children.

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