“Newly-weds” embroiled in three-year divorce dispute


A couple who have spent almost three years disputing a divorce settlement were married for just five months, it has emerged.

According to the report, the “newly-weds”, Marilyn Levesque and Damien Hancox, have been fighting over the distribution of assets for six times longer than they were actually married.

The pair own a South Kensington flat and homes in Ibiza and Verbier between them, and reportedly spent more than £200,000 on their wedding day.

Ms Levesque argues that her former husband has not disclosed full details of his finances. She says that evidence suggests that he had assets of more than £20 million in 2007, and operated several Swiss bank accounts in company names.

The Court heard how Mr Hancox would “regularly” spend more than £4,000 on a trip to a nightclub and ran up credit card bills in excess of £200,000.

Mr Hancox argues that the settlement should reflect the shortness of the marriage term.

It should be highlighted that litigation is not always needed in divorce cases. Couples have access to arbitration and mediation, which can often settle a dispute quicker, cheaper and much more amicably.

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