North Yorkshire police record more than 11,000 domestic abuse calls in last year alone


Domestic abuse calls to North Yorkshire police have exceeded 11,000 in the last year alone, a new report has revealed.

The staggering figure – which equates to an average of 30 calls per day – relates to crimes covering psychological, physical, sexual, financial, and emotional domestic abuse.

Despite the force logging 11,082 emergency calls this year, Sarah Hill, the director of York’s Independent Domestic Abuse Services, said the figures are comparatively low.

She said: “The figures are low in terms of comparing them to other places in the country.

“We know North Yorkshire is a lovely county to live in but there is a hidden factor where there’s a nasty side, so we weren’t surprised by the number.

“We received 4,000 referrals last year and it’s great that people are coming forward.”

She added: “The Police and Crime Commissioner is putting money forward because this is a huge demand on services.”

The charity said the recent abuse story in The Archers, a popular radio drama on BBC Radio 4, has helped victims of domestic violence come forward, but there is still a large proportion of women feeling isolated.

Ms Hill said: “Sometimes people suffer from emotional or financial issues, but we have our 24-hour helpline to give people some protection because there is a lot of help and support out there.”

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