The Pirelli calendar model who was awarded £75 million in one of the UK’s highest ever divorce settlements may have to “sue her own daughter” for the cash.

Pirelli model who won £75 million in ...

The final report into a restructure of civil courts has been published, with an emphasis on court rulings, the organisation of the courts and the deployment of judges.

Civil court report calls for reform

One in 12 adoptions in England now are now by same-sex couples, reports say, despite couples being deterred from adopting more than one child. The figures published by the Department […]

Same-sex couples lead in adoption boom

Heterosexual couple lose high court civil partnership case
New statistics released from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) show a rise in cohabiting couples in England and Wales. The ONS say that almost 10 per cent of adults […]

Cohabitation nears 10 per cent as law ...

In what is one of the biggest divorce settlements in British legal history, former Pirelli calendar girl Christina Estrada took home £53 million in cash, a Lamborghini, London and Beverly […]

Former model nets £75 million divorce pay ...