Pirelli model who won £75 million in divorce settlement faces further court battle


The Pirelli calendar model who was awarded £75 million in one of the UK’s highest ever divorce settlements may have to “sue her own daughter” for the cash.

Christina Estrada was awarded the sum in July after a long-term divorce battle with her now deceased ex-husband, Sheikh Walid Juffali.

Mr Juffali had been battling with cancer during the course of the suit, but died shortly after the settlement was awarded.

In a turn of events, however, it transpired that Mr Juffali’s estate has been passed down to his three daughters under Sharia law.

“Nobody is going to get the money out of Saudi Arabia”, said a source to the Sunday Telegraph.

“In all divorce cases where there are trusts, it is complicated to enforce.

“There is an application to set aside the contract that has been made.”

The source had also said that, “in effect”, Miss Estrada would have to “sue her own daughter”.

After divorcing the Saudi billionaire, the 54-year-old had asked the court to accommodate her ‘reasonable needs’ which included £1 million a year for clothes, a £60 million home in central London and £495,000 for five cars including a Lamborghini.

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