Research reveals the UK’s most adulterous locations


Residents of the sleepy town of Royal Tunbridge Wells may be shocked to find out that their area has been rated as the most adulterous in the UK.

The UK’s self-professed, Official Infidelity Index 2017, prepared using data from – a dating website for married people – revealed that the affluent town in Kent had more than 1,146 people reportedly being unfaithful.

The list, which ranks the country’s top 140 cheating towns, listed Guildford as the second worst location for adultery, with 1,303 people exploring extramarital relationships.

This was followed in third place by Wrexham which had 1,027 adulterers making up 1.89 per cent of the town’s population.

In comparison Glasgow had one of the least adulterous populations, with just 0.56 per cent of its adult population having affairs. This was beaten however by Barry in Wales, which had only 88 people listed on the site, which represent just 0.18 per cent of its adult population.

The Infidelity Index uses data from more than one million postcodes and claims to show how many people are having affairs in each area, however its data is only a very small indication of the worst areas for adultery and is by no means scientifically proven or backed up by official data.

Link: Official Infidelity Index 2017

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