Resolution updates its Code to reflect changes to family law proceedings


Family law association Resolution this week confirmed it has overhauled its Code of Practice.

The organisation, which promotes resolving family matters in a constructive and non-confrontational manner, said that it had decided to update its code to better reflect today’s legal system.

National chairman Nigel Shepherd said that the change – announced to coincide with the organisation’s annual Good Divorce Week – was a “significant development” in Resolution’s history.

“When we first began in the 1980s, the world of family justice was very different,” he said. “If you were getting divorced, you almost always ended up in court, and it was invariably acrimonious.

“Now the environment in which we all work is changing beyond recognition and our Code needed to be updated in order to reflect the way in which all our members support people.

“I’m proud of the way our members have come together to draft and launch this new Code, which for the first time now also explains to the public how the Code helps them.”

To promote the adoption of the new wording, Resolution members this week took  to social media to share in their own words what being part of the organisation meant to them.

Mr Shepherd added: “The new Code is an important step forward for our organisation, and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to supporting our members, and the clients they help, to promote those values espoused by [founder] John Cornwell and others more than 30 years ago.”

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