Social worker gives “factually impoverished” evidence in Family Court


A social worker has been criticised for providing “factually impoverished” evidence in the Family Court, it has been reported.

The Court heard how the social worker had held the case for two children subject to care proceedings for six months – but was “unable to explain the decision-making process through which he came to conclusions” about the parents.

The local authority had proposed that the two children should be made subject to care orders and placement orders for adoption. However, the proposals were opposed by the children’s parents.

The Court was told how the mother had suffered “horrific” and “highly damaging” experiences as a child and teenager. She said she had not been adequately assessed and that her parenting capability had been understated.

The social worker was asked to give his opinion on the case, but was seemingly unable to provide evidence, despite spending six months with the family.

Judge Moradifar, presiding over the case, said the social worker “was argumentative in the witness box and unable to provide a balanced analysis of any of the issues during his involvement in the case”.

“His evidence was an astonishing display of how little he knew about this case.

“The process that has been engaged by the local authority over many years and until this hearing has not given the mother a fair opportunity to demonstrate her parenting capacity.”

However, the Judge ultimately granted placement orders for the children, based on the mother’s ability to care for them.

He said the two children should be adopted together, and direct contact would be discussed at a later date.

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