Tigers charity couple: Ex-wife wins latest round of bizarre legal battle

Tigers charity couple: Ex-wife wins latest round of bizarre legal battle

Ex-Wife, Li Quan, has won the latest round of an ongoing divorce dispute between the two unlikely parents of a charity aimed at saving endangered Chinese tigers.

Former banker Stuart Bray and conservationist Quan launched the charity project Save China’s Tigers together more than a decade ago, before becoming embroiled in a bizarre legal battle over the cash used to set up and fund the charity.

Ex-Deutsche Bank worker Bray poured up to £25m into their shared project, based in South Africa, yet previous rulings have argued that the money should not be counted as marital wealth.

The passionate duo were this week warned by Lady Justice King of a “real possibility that the funds at the centre of the dispute will be wholly dissipated in costs,”.

Lady Justice King, who sits in the Court of Appeal, issued the warning after advising the warring couple to put aside their differences and re-negotiate.

However, both parties still stand strong, determined to protect their fair share.

Alongside appeals judge Lord Justice Briggs, it was decided in December that a judge’s ruling in favour of Mr Bray following a High Court trial should be reviewed at a full Court of Appeal hearing.

This Wednesday, both judges dismissed a bid by Mr Bray to put the brakes on said hearing, offering up a written ruling officially dismissing his application.

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