Toddler placed for adoption in order to protect her from “very dangerous” father


A toddler must be taken away from her mother in order to protect her from her abusive father, a family court has ruled.

The court heard how the father attempted to seriously harm the 18-month-old on two separate occasions, but the mother was not guilty of any wrongdoing.

Judge Alan Booth, presiding over the case, said he was “desperately sad” for the mother, who had twice lost two babies to illness in the past.

But he said she could not protect her daughter from her “very dangerous” father.

The child, which has not been named, will now be placed for adoption.

Judge Booth said: “It is not the vulnerability of (the toddler’s) mother in isolation that requires assessment – it is her vulnerability put in the context of the risk posed by (the toddler’s) father and the threat that he poses to (the toddler).

“Depriving (the woman) of the opportunity to be a mother to (the toddler) is compounding yet further trauma on top of the unimaginable trauma that she has suffered.

“But I have to put (the toddler’s) welfare as my paramount consideration.

“I cannot risk the death of another child in this family.

“I hope that with the benefit of time and therapy she will come to recognise that the safety of her daughter had to be the matter uppermost in my mind when I made this difficult decision and that in doing so I was ensuring that (the toddler) had a life free from the threat of her father, a threat that no matter how well-intentioned, her mother would inevitably have struggled to keep (her) safe from.”

He added: “I feel desperately sad that I cannot endorse a future for (the toddler) with her mother but I cannot be satisfied that (she) would be safe. I cannot be satisfied that (her) mother has the tools at her disposal to protect (her) from her father.”

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