Wife awarded “record” £453 million payout in divorce proceedings


A judge has ordered a husband to pay his estranged wife more than £453 million in one of the biggest divorce payouts in history.

The couple, who have not been identified, were embroiled in a bitter dispute over a fortune reportedly worth £1 billion.

The husband, 61, from Caucasus, earned the family’s wealth through the Russian energy industry.

His spouse, 44, argued that the fortune had been built up during a long marriage – a reported 20 years – through “equal contributions to the welfare of the family”.

But her husband argued he had made a “special contribution” towards the total marital assets.

Mr Justice Haddon-Cave ruled that the wife should get a 41.5 per cent share of the fortune, totalling £453 million.

He said she had been a “housewife and mother” to the couple’s children and had indeed made an equal contribution.

He said the husband had made no “special or stellar” contribution to the family’s estate.

The award is thought to be biggest made by a UK divorce court.

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