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Harassment and Domestic Violence

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Relationships can sometimes involve very difficult situations, which may include threatening behaviour or violence. If you are feeling threatened or have been hurt by a partner or former partner, it essential that you seek help as quickly as possible..

Anyone suffering from domestic violence or harassment should contact the police but Mackrell Turner Garrett’s Family Law team in central London and Surrey can also provide expert advice and assistance, including seeking appropriate court orders, which can be applied for on an emergency basis in certain circumstances.

Domestic violence involves physical or emotional violence, threatening behaviour or abuse between people who are or have been in a relationship or between family members. Children can also be caught up in domestic violence.

Although harassment is not specifically defined in law, it can include someone repeatedly trying to communicate or make contact with another person in a way that causes them distress or fear.

We understand how difficult situations involving domestic violence or harassment can be. We’ll provide objective, practical advice on your options and support you throughout the process of applying for orders to protect you. The orders available include:

  • a non-molestation order, which protects you from being harassed, intimidated, pestered or threatened with violence and/or use of violence. Breaching such an order is a criminal offence, punishable with a fine or imprisonment or both
  • an occupation order, which is designed to protect you by preventing the other person from returning to or attempting to enter a home. Such orders can have a power of arrest attached, so that if the other person breaches the order, they can be arrested and face possible imprisonment and/or a fine.
  • Protection From Harassment Injunction - The Protection From Harassment Act (1997) made harassment both a criminal and civil offence and gives the police more powers to arrest and charge a person who is harassing you. It can be used instead of a Common Law Injunction.

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